The Great One Returns - It was sad to see each Blimpie close its doors over the years. Yes there are other sandwich shops that have taken root but when Sarge's opened it was like the Blimpie of old had returned. Awesome, huge sandwiches at very reasonable prices. I've had most of their sandwiches, hot and cold, and all are great. The memorabilia in the store is a great tribute to our troops as well. Thanks to Sarge for not only opening a great sandwich shop but bringing back some old memories as well.
Awesome place - the #1 is super great, I never had that kind of cheese before, I love that cheese in the #1, I guess that's why they call it the #1.
I'LL BE BACK **ARNOLD VOICE** - Do you wanna hear the good part? or the bad part first?
Welllllll.....the good part is the food is great! Customer Service is top notch!
I'm on a diet and I broke it today because I couldn't stop stuffing my face!
Amazing - Today was my first day ordering. I got the commander panini and the chili. I was full half way through but it was so good I hate to keep eating . Chili was spot on and my son loved the bottled birch beer. The delivery service was timely and the gentleman was very polite. Thank you very much for the great food and service.
Customer Service at its Finest! - I've ordered from this place a couple times online for delivery and I was very satisfied. One day I decided to go and eat there. When you get there, by car, the first thing you'll notice is their parking lot that's reserved for Sarge's Subs customers only. Right outside the restaurant, they have the american flag hung up. When you walk in to the restaurant, the first thing you'll notice is the many pictures of our nations soldiers' from all the wars we've had in american history hung up on the wall. As you approach the counter, employees treat you with courteous friendly service. They greet you with words "sir" or "mam". When you look at their menu on the wall, theres a simple description of all their subs under each one. They have a list of all standard ingredients they put in the sub, but you can customize it however you would like. No extra charge. All the ingredients they put on the sub are placed on the counter behind a glass showcase. Ready for anyone to see. They slice the deli meat fresh right in front of you. It makes a difference in the taste. They also make the sub right in front of you. After they're done making your order, customers pay before they sit down and eat it. When you find a place to sit you'll notice a tv set a an educational channel about our nations military and our military history. While you are eating, employees walk around the restaurant and ask customers how their meal is. This shows that they actually care about the quality of the food and the service. While I was there I ordered The Sarge, which is a traditional italian sub. Not only do they make their own subs, but they also make their own soda which I highly recommend. It tastes better than any popular soda brands. The difference is in the ingredients. They use pure cane sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup. Overall I would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone.
Treats for the "Little" Troops - When we asked the 6th Grade Honor Roll Students which restaurant would they like their Honor Roll Lunch from...we gave them a ton of choices (pizza places, Chinese food places etc.)...without even waiting for us to finish the list...all the kids yelled "Sarge's"!!!! So that is where they got their lunch from. They LOVED their subs! You guys did a great job.
Go to Sarge's a real feel for the old neighborhood and enjoy the photos and back stories of some of our greatest heroes... our military!
Love the website, Love the menu, Friendly, friendly, great location for me, All fresh quality ingredients AND... they USE HELLMANNS MAYO!!!!!!!!
Terrific Catering Service - On June 17th,we held our monthly Emergency Response Team. Because this was a special meeting with a special guest, we had Sarge\'s provide the refreshments:
> 6 foot sub ---- Fantastic
> 4 pounds of potato salad ---- Great
> 4 pounds of cole slaw ---- very tasty
and an assortment of soft drinks.

Job well done!
Being a Veteran of the Viet Nam era, Navy, I have always held Marines in the highest of esteem.

OORAH - I really like selection 'O1'. That is an appropriate Rank for a Meatball Parm.

Looking forward to evaluating Sarges catering capabilities later this month.
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