Sarge's is the best place around here to get a sandwich. ALL the food is delicious..... ALL of it. You can't beat the customer service and the prices are more then reasonable. As a veteran myself this household proudly supports Veteran owned businesses. If you dont like Sarge's then #_
Had a special request from the Sarge! He said to try Peppered ham, American Cheese, and bacon in the press. it was GREAT!
The BEST chili I have had in the area.
What can't I say? Had their chili and WOW! I had the Bunker Buster and I am sure the name will be what happens to me.
5 star all the way. Love at first bite great subs and chili Quality food at a fair price
This place brought a tear to my eye! The memorial wall they have is a nice touch!
Had the Sarge at the request of the owner. VERY TASTY!
Also had one of their own labeled Ice Tea drinks. That was also very good!
Will be back again!
I've had a couple of different sandwiches and I was never disappointed. Tuna melt is my favorite and it's amazing every time. Can't wait to try something new next time!
Awesome Service and Subs - First time my office ordered from Sarge's - and let me say it wont be our last WE LOVED IT! everything was great! EVen the delivery guy was awesome. We like everything about this place! Keep up the good work guys!!!
I've eaten everything on the menu, except, Papa Pete - but I might consider eating Junior if he rips me or teases me again, right Joe !!! Should we roast him on the SPIT with and Apple? Ha Ha Ha...
Staff is very friendly.
It's very hard to find a good sandwich deli place but Sarges has done it.
They are not cheap with there toppings like subway who nickels and dimes you. They make the sandwich exactly how the customer wants it.
The only thing I would like to see added is more sandwich options with different types of breads.
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